Wiston Lodge

Rhythmbridge has recently moved it’s base from West Yorkshire to Wiston Lodge in South Lanarkshire and Paul will be working two days a week to develop Music and Arts for the venue.

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The Lodge

Wiston is currently the Training Venue for UK Playshop an organisation which trains Drum Circle Facilitators on behalf of Village Music Circles, the company founded by Arthur Hull and is also one of the venues for The Wee Drum Gathering

Wiston hosts a number of Music and Arts  Groups throughout the year and Paul will be working to increase the use of the Lodge by such groups over the coming years.

It’s the perfect place for a weekend gathering for Samba Schools, African Drum Groups, Yoga and Meditation retreats, Folk Music, Theatre Groups…You name it…we can cater for you.

Please visit the Wiston website linked above for more information and feel free to contact Paul HERE about your groups requirements.