What a summer that was!

Where to even think about beginning? It has flown by and that is always a good sign methinks.

Stainsby Festival once more provided the perfect platform for a wonderful summer.

Two amazing circles and a gig on the main stage with the now legendary house band, completed a fine weekend.

Paul in the Stainsby Festival Drum Circle
Paul in the Stainsby Festival Drum Circle

Some time in Hebden Bridge was followed by a trip to Cornwall for a wedding and a bit of chill out time. Then it was on to Wasinga for the Tribal Gathering that has become central to my summer.

Seven days of drumming with children, with adults, with community. Drums for stories. Drums for meditation. Drums for dance and drums for the sheer hell of it πŸ˜‰

I was ably assisted in much of this by the wonderful Mrs Dear. She also was part of a team of women leading a fabulous drum dance chant extravaganza. Thank You my love.

A brief stop in Hebden again  before some downtime in West Wales which I was sadly unwell for most of! πŸ™

Then a trip to Derbyshire to celebrate an auspicious happenstance, the constellation Bradnock-Daglish, to play with the Stainsby House band and Tomorrow’s Ancestor once again and finally facilitate a beautiful closing community drum circle.


For this and more fab photos of this event have a look at Tom Bradnock’s amazing work

Away North it was then for 8 days of Walking a Beeline (some drumming to!) and having a very good time in the process. Follow the link for more info and photographs on the walk and why we were doing it.

Beeline walked it was then time to Buzz off ( Groan!!!) to the beautiful Island of Iona for what is now fast becoming a highlight of the year…The Rhythm retreat. It probably deserves a blog all to itself and may well get one…but for now please content yourselves with some photographs.

Iona Retreat 2016

As well as the Iona trip I took a little time to slowly wind my way back to Wiston and take some Photographs. As some of you know I like to carry my camera with me wherever I venture. Take a look at my latest work HERE

So now as the summer draws to a close and I think about planting my rhythmical roots in Glasgow again for a term of Universal Rhythms it is perfect synchronicity to be sent this little gem in my inbox.

Drum circle training and the annual UK Playshop lies just around the corner.

I hope to see you along the rhythm road sometime soon.

Paul πŸ™‚