The Wee Drum Gathering Part 3








Wiston Lodge was once more the venue for our Bi Annual Gathering of rhythmical souls.

The Wee Drum Gathering started life in Nov 2011 in response to another workshop ( An Arthur Hull Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop) not getting off the ground.

My response was to put something else together to support Wiston and so I threw out a call to the ether and 25 adventurers answered.

The idea was to bring something to share. A rhythmical pot luck if you like.

The first two gatherings gave rise to some incredible collaborations like this Peace One Day Video.

We also created a whole new workshop called The Hero’s Journey…More on that in a later Blog.

Our early Gatherings were inspiring and creative but there was a feeling that we were not really meeting the goal of everybody sharing and as Creative workshop leaders in our own right it was easy for some of us to lead whilst others followed. In the Arthur Hull mode of training this would have been our Dictator/Director phase.

Vital in the beginning.

So our group arrived for the third installment and we had many new members on board. The weekend was a journey into the Heart of Community. As always we were supported beautifully and gracefully by all at Wiston.

It really is as the tag line says ” A Place To Grow”

We worked out what we had available to us in terms of activities and time and we wove it effortlessly together with skillful facilitation and huge amounts of love and support. Community in action. All leading and following.

As a community we had moved into group facilitation expertise and are now drumming,dancing and singing our way to Orchestration.

We made some magic in that place in the space of 36 hours.

I continue to be in awe of this process. One wee call and my life changed. Wee drummers are  creating community. Like minded souls playing together in the spirit of sharing and amidst the terrors we are being shown across the world on a daily basis I am proud to have enabled  a model of a community at Peace with itself and the world around it to unfold.

I had a dream recently of a myriad of such communities spring up around the world, growing like moss upon the land, until the whole world was covered with them. These small changes when pulled together will be the catalyst for change.


Here’s to the next chapter.


Paul x

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