The Joy in Play

It really isn’t work. It’s play. Drumming. It can be serious. Very much so, but it is essentially playing. We play music…and sometimes it plays us.

wee drums webSince my return from Malaysia I have been playing weekly with my Glasgow group, working with pre-school children, sitting in on a wonderful traditional style Ceilidh, with songs, stories and good conversation and working with groups visiting Wiston Lodge.

Such a group came through our doors today and drumming was on the agenda. Two groups who gave themselves fully to the process and we had a great time. One of the participants mentioned he wrote poetry so I suggested perhaps he could write one about the drumming.

He did just that. Here it is. Thanks Rikki. It is beautiful.

I was up at the lodge today with Healthy Valleys, loved the experience. I was asked to do a poem about the drumming session, so here it is.

Super beat

Drum beats echoed
Filling up the air
Group members playing
Drumming without a care

Super hero
That is the theme
Who was yours
What was that dream

‘’Please help me’’
Was the call
I’m too busy
‘’Replied by all’’

Super Mans pants
Poor guy’s credentials shot
Untrained drummers
Giving it all they’ve got

The joy of making music
To be remember forever after
When the drum beats finally stopped
The hillsides rang with laughter

Written by Rikki Duncan © 10/06/2016