Team Building

Most companies know what they want from a team building experience and whatever your needs are Rhythmbridge will offer you a solution. So if you are wanting a “Big Bang” at the end of your conference or an “Energy Raiser” at the start, we can tailor a programme to meet your needs. African drum and dance perhaps or a facilitated drum circle? Or maybe you are looking for something more substantial for your teambuilding programme? Rhythmbridge founder Paul John Dear will design and facilitate your event to enable your team to:

  • Enhance Listening and Communication Skills
  • Develop an Understanding of Group Dynamics
  • Experience Why the Whole is Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts
  • Work Together toward a Common Goal
  • Develop co-operative strategies.
  • Experience a dynamic and evolving change process.


Paul is also a believer in the long term team building approach and can design a programme which allows you to create your own in house Drum Circle for employees. Over an agreed period of time and with a fixed group, Paul will train your team in facilitation techniques and give them hands on circle time to develop their skills. At the project end you will be left with a self sustaining team building vehicle to use as an ongoing in house format.

All Drums and Percussion are supplied by Rhythmbridge

Taking part in the Rhythmbridge workshop was an unexpected treat at an event where I was due to speak. The effect on the room was electric,immediate and, I suspect, lasting. It is very powerful work and Paul is a master in making it meaningful for the challenges of the workplace.

Jim Lawless, International Expert on Motivation, Leadership and Change.


Drumming is more than just a team building activity. It is a highly sophisticated non-verbal form of communication. By using Drum Circle Facilitation techniques, participants are encouraged to express themselves rhythmically as part of a group, and whilst multiple individual voices are played out in the circle, a group sound also emerges that is their own and unique.

It is not a drum class and therefore nobody needs to experience any kind of learning crisis because there will be no teaching unless the group chooses to take that road.

Paul will enable the group to create their own “In the moment” music by way of creating dialogue using an eclectic and highly interactive delivery style and process.

 It has been a feature of my professional life to have attended many team building exercises of all different origins and degrees of orthodoxy.Yours was one of the most innovative and valuable I have attended.

Sherez Azfal, Internal Communications Manager, Cattles Plc.

Drumming will help your team to bond, to listen to one another more effectively, to manage change more confidently, to communicate more creatively and to recognise experientially that “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”

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Step across the Rhythmbridge and contact us for more information.

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