Teacher Resources

Welcome to the ERS Teacher Resource page.

Here you will find two professionally filmed videos of ERS sessions delivered to Primary school children. ( Aged 5-7)

Along with each video is a full narrated script for your use in pdf format.

Below the videos you will find some useful information for the Kpanlogo celebration song used at the end of the Awongalema Tree story.

Training is available for Teachers/Educators/Musicians who would like to learn how to deliver an ERS session.

ERS Video: Awongalema Tree: Running time 35 minutes

The Awongalema Tree Narrative

ERS Video: Happy Harry’s Hedgehog Band: Running time 25 minutes

Happy Harry Story Narrative 

Kpanlogo: Call and Response Motif, 4 cycles of each.

Count 1 2 3 4 ‘and’ as an intro and begin the Call on the ‘and’ (the up-beat) Each call and response sequence is a 4 beat bar with emphasis on the up-beat for the call and sometime on the response but not always ( Beats shown in brackets below) Use a bass drum, cow bell or tambourine and a simple 4 beat pulse under the song.

Call: E-wa-ay ( and 1 2) Response: E-wa-ay (and 3 4 ) x4

( Action: Hands in the Air, straight up or to one side then the other)

Call: E-wa-oh-way-oh-ya ( and 1 2 ) Response: Oh-ya ( 3 4 ) x4

(Action: Two moves to match oh-ya…let the children choose…freestyle)

Call: Mini-ma-na-manola (and 1 2 ) Response: Al-ey-loh ( 3 and 4 ) x4

(Action: Hands on hips and wiggle 1.2.3.)

Call: Kpanlogo ( 1 2 ) Response: Kpanlogo ( 3 4 ) x4

( Action: Ta Daaaa)