Seeding Story: Forres/Findhorn

The Lion and the Mouse – Carol`s Experience of the Mentoring Project.
I’ve been beavering away in the North East of Scotland doing drumming and rhythm events for many years. I’ve been trying to persuade people to pay me for it as well and even made a meagre living from it and the arts.
But I was frustrated at the limitations of my teaching in classes and workshops. That sometimes I felt that I was imposing rhythms on a group instead of unleashing their spirit and joy and getting to the place I know drumming can sometimes take us.
A few years ago, as I was lugging drums into a room at Findhorn to teach a drum class and Julie Anne Odel came running over to talk to me. She told me that I must go to study with Arthur Hull and Village Music Circles and a few years later I was able to attend my first UK Playshop training . The first 6 day Intensive training has been a huge effect on me.
It has changed my work and influenced my world.
But how to put this into practice? How to actually start a drum circle? Without Paul Dear`s mentoring I doubt, no, I know, I wouldn’t have been able to find the courage and confidence to set up the Findhorn Community Drum Circle. My inner mouse reigned over my inner lion.
To have a mentor, to travel up to North Scotland with a van full of drums and to put the time and the effort with such integrity and belief gave me the boost needed to step into that scary place. To be brave enough to hire the prestigious Universal Hall and to actually see that it can work and is needed in this community – I could not have done it alone. Paul gave me the nudge too open my eyes to the potential and assets here in my own neighbourhood and to drop my prejudices about this community on my own doorstep. The practical aspects – of how to organise instruments, chairs and set up – the way to great people and how to facilitate a two hour session was invaluable to see it in action. To then be given the chance to do Drum Call and then be critiqued by someone with experience – invaluable. Like wise to have my first solo facilitation (videoed) critiqued – also invaluable. To know that I am not alone and that this is not “my circle” – has given me a sense of belonging that feeds into all the circles I do.
There have now been ten Findhorn Community Drum Circles. The first three, March, June and September 2013 with Paul, then a couple I facilitated in December 2013 and February 2014 followed by another with Paul in March 2014 then three more facilitated by me. Arthur came up in Sep 2014 and facilitated a Tuesday evening Circle – a great moment indeed. I have another one planned on 23rd November, then also in February and March 2015. It now has its own momentum. Thank you to Paul for mentoring with such care and honesty. I look forward to many more with Paul and Arthur and other facilitators – to keep it alive and kicking and for some cracking good company.

Carol Scorer