Seeding Drum Circles

Many moons since ( 2000/1), I finished my Drum Circle Facilitator training with Arthur Hull in Hawaii and headed back to my West Yorkshire home full of inspiration to ‘Do this work’

I made a commitment to my then funder, The UK Arts Council, to set up and run a free accessible Community Drum Circle. I did just that, running a circle at the wonderful Square Chapel for the Arts in Halifax for over twelve years. This circle has now moved to Hebden Bridge where it continued to evolve until I left Hebden in 2013, and has other facilitators to call upon other than myself.

After my training in 2000/1 we managed to get Arthur over to the UK to run a weekend back in 2001 and he’s been coming every year ever since to train budding facilitators.

At that time I made a new commitment to newly trained DCF’s that I would help get their community circles off the ground by offering Mentoring and the use of my kit until they were established.

I began by helping to SEED circles in Newcastle, Rochdale and South Wales. The Rochdale circle was a model for how it could work and after 6 months of mentoring they were up and away and are still running to this day, headed up by Steve Hignett of Rhythmweave.

I spent less time with the Newcastle group but maintained links and there is a circle there today run by the lovely Simon Wood.

In recent times I have begun to seed a circle at Findhorn and offer Mentoring to Carol Scorer and am very hopeful that a circle will continue there into the future.

Two years ago as part of a team delivering The Hero’s Journey workshop in Tipperary in Ireland, which had evolved out of The Wee Drum Gathering we opened a door to the possibility of Drum Circle Facilitation and last year we had a contingent of facilitators from Ireland on Arthur’s training.

This year Arthur was in Ireland delivering a Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop (RAP) and it looks like a facilitation community is being birthed there too.

As I type I have just put up the SOLD OUT signs for this years training at Wiston in Scotland, a full 10 day Hawaii style experience for Mentors and first time facilitators alike. This will be the third time we have run this program and it is so exciting to see this community continue to grow.

I can look back very contentedly over the last 10 or so years and see Seedlings turning into Big Oaks and sit with a quiet knowing that I have been and will continue to ‘Do this work’

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