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This is primarily a hand drumming class, although we will usually do some stick/hand work and singing too.

We will look at hand techniques for the drums ( I use a mix of Djembe, Congas, Kpanlogos, Ashikos, dun duns, Surdos and/or whatever is available in the country I am visiting!) 

We will usually work on arrangements inspired by my learning from different cultures including the African and Latin Diasporas.

The more I study and play the more I realise what I don’t know. I’m not nor will I ever be of these cultures and no matter how much I study these rhythms I will never appreciate them from the perspective of living within that culture, and so, with a respectful nod to all of my teachers, I am moving away from full culturally specific teaching and working with the inspirations I have gathered on my travels to create rhythmical platforms for  improvisation.

If you wish to dive deep into the study of a particular culture, I suggest you visit that place and stay a while. No substitute for the real thing. If that is not a possibility there are many amazing culturally specific teachers in the UK who you can work with. I am happy to recommend. Just ping me a contact email.

I have a deep love though of rhythm in it’s many forms and I aim combine my cultural learning with my facilitation skills to hopefully create a welcoming and enjoyable environment in which to play.

My aim is to create a space in which group connection is the primary focus and where melody exists within the playing due to the different drum and percussion sounds available.

  • Connecting the players through connecting the parts.
  • Platforms for Improvisation.
  • Connection through music is our shared goal.

The workshop is aimed at beginner/intermediate level but I am happy to welcome more experienced players who like to sit and support others in their development.

I look forward to playing with you soon.


Rhythms of the World, Malaysia 2019

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