Rhythms of the World and beyond…..

Dear Drummers.

December is upon us and the holiday season is just around the corner.

Just completed a wonderful drum session in Glasgow with a group that really was multiculural ( 9 nationalities present) and ages from 4 to 11.

Here’s what the teacher thought.

We booked Paul because his website suggested that he would provide a very real & warm drumming experience for the children.

Sure enough Rhythmbridge delivered !

Paul arrived in his bright van & unloaded a marvellous array of drums & percussion.

He is obviously a very creative, experienced  & adaptable facilitator as he was able to cater for our very diverse group.

Paul told a story to engage the children which was full of opportunities to explore rhythm.

Throughout the activity the children were asked to make choices which kept them thinking.

The group was aged 4 – 11 and every child participated with a drum & smiles throughout.

All the children were from our English as an Additional Language group & some are very new to English .

However this workshop enabled everyone to participate equally with great confidence .

The happiness on the faces demonstrated the power of drumming to unite & generate experiences of success  for every learner.

Paul held the children’s attention, seemingly effortlessly, for the full hour !

Thank you & we hope to drum again soon at Golfhill !


Marilyn Gordon

English as an Additional Language Teacher

Golfhill Primary School, Denniston ,  Glasgow

Dec 9th 2014

…and the kids…well they say the camera never lies 😉 ( Slightly out of focus but I love the energy in it.)

Multiculture 1

multiculture 2

I intend to see the year out with a bang here at Wiston and we have a Rhythms of the World residential drumming course over the weekend of Dec 12/13/14, complete with a night of explosive live West African style drum and dance with Ayawara and The Kajamor Family…Not to be Missed.

Beyond that there will be one more session of our weekly class of Rhythms of the World at Kinning Park Glasgow before we take a winter holiday break…we’ll be back early in January ( Thursday 8th to be precise)  so don’t despair.

I’ll be back on the road to Yorkshire in Jan too for another Early Years Expressive Rhythm Stories project in  the Bradford area.

2015 promises to be another exciting year for me at Rhythmbridge and also in my new roles  at Wiston Lodge and Tinto Music and Arts.

The latter is a newly formed Music and Arts Community Interest Company through which we hope to bring back a Festival of Music and Arts to Wiston, along with supporting other events like Tinto Summer School, Non Stuff Permaculture Festival and Carrying The Fire.

Easter sees the introduction of a Creative Arts Week  at Wiston based on a journey around the globe theme, to sit alongside our existing outdoor and PSED activities program and we now offer a range of creative arts and music activities for all of  incoming groups.

In March I will be traveling back to Malaysia for another Expressive Rhythm Stories Training Program and details will be posted in the New Year. I may well run my first UK training in 2015. Negotiations are already well under way to bring back Arthur Hull for a weelkend Drum Circle Facilitator Traininglater in the year.

A huge thank You to everyone who has been a part of  Rhythmbridge and all of our programs this last 12 months. It continues to fill me with wonder and joy this ‘work’ that I do. New directions and new opportunties are constantly presenting themselves and I am grateful for that always.

Ultimately though the thing that I keep coming back to time and time again is that this ‘work’ is all about YOU. The drum is a powerful coonecting tool, a bridge between us if you like, and everytime we cross it towards the other, it is enriching.

Thank YOU all for the wonder and the joy.

As we cross the Bridge from 2014 to 2015 I wish you all Peace and happiness.

See you on the other side 😉