NEW:Rhythms of the World Hand Drum Class: Glasgow

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Rhythms of the World Class: Thursday Evenings  7.30pm-9.30pm

9 week class starts Mar 6th 2014

Cost £7/£5 concessions per class. Discounts for booking all 9. (£55/£45)

Kinning Park Complex, 40 Cornwall St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G41 1AQ

Tel: 0141 419 0329 Mobile:07961 223890

This is a hand drumming class, although we will from time to time do some stick/hand work.

We will look at hand techniques for the drums ( Congas, Bougarabou, Goumbe and more) and will work on arrangements from different cultures including African and Latin Diasporas.

This is not a Traditional ‘Ballet Style’ Djembe group, although we may look at some Djembe rhythms from time to time.

My aim is to create a space in which group playing is the primary focus and where melody exists within the playing due to the different drum and percussion sounds available.

Some of the session time will be offered up to improvised/free play.

Connection through music is our shared goal.

I look forward to playing with you soon.

Paul Dear

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