It’s all in the stories


I have just completed the second Expressive Rhythm Stories Training Program in Kuala Lumpur for participants to learn how to tell ERS. On the tin it says that we will enable you to take ERS into the education sector and deliver exciting and engaging ERS sessions. Throughout the program we learn the skills and techniques required to deliver a story with rhythm and with full expression.

What I am learning is that this all starts with the story of us…as individuals and collectively. Who we are is in the story. Who we are defines how we tell the tale. It is becoming a magical process of self discovery for me and for the trainees. I was amazed by this journey. It is a new chapter in my story. It also has shown me that the workshop has more than just potential for the Education sector. This is a universal workshop. We can use the power of a story in any environment as a way of connecting us deeply together. Connecting with our ability to express ourselves through movement, accessing our emotional wealth and developing our vision, gives us more complexity. Add drumming into the mix and you have something incredible at work here.

I am being blessed with an opportunity to grow. To face my own fears and take risks. To do something powerful from a place of not knowing.

The prelude to this trip to Malaysia was 10 days of intense tooth pain, lack of sleep and a sense of losing my ground.

After traveling for 30 hours and sleeping very little en-route, I was not feeling ready to do the workshop at all.

What allowed me to step across that threshold was the thought that I am here in service to this community. These people who have shown their trust in me and this process by paying good money to be here.

They deserve the best of me. The best I can give right here and right now. My way through that door is by being honest. By telling my story as it is.

Dropping the Mask.

So we had a wonderful time. We connected deeply. We laughed. We cried. We sang. We drummed. We danced. We told the Story of Us and it was beautiful.

There are changes always to be made. I have learned many things these past two days. The workshop is constantly evolving and I am astounded we are here after just two trainings. It will never be the same twice. I will alter parts. Bring in new elements. Drop what does not work and thank it for the learning.

I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t think there was a need. I was persuaded otherwise by a very courageous spirit and a lady who would not take NO for an answer.

Christina Jeremiah

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for pulling this out of me and for seeing something I could not or would not see. I am so excited now about the possibilities.

To everyone who participated in this workshop I wish to say a heartfelt Thank You for sharing your stories and for allowing me to find more of mine. You were an incredible group to work with.

This Story has only just begun………..