Reflections on Rhythm

Paul was interviewed on July 6th 2020 by Ray Watters of Drum With Us, for the first in a new series called ‘Reflections on Rhythm’

Below you can find Paul’s interview and hopefully over the coming weeks the whole series with a group of inspiring facilitators.

Here is another interview with Paul conducted by Arlie Visions, based on the West Coast of the USA.

In Episode 125, #GODandMatter host, #ArleneJMGrant chatted with #PaulJohnDear while he was in Kuala Lumpur. Paul is a Rhythmic Bridge connecting people through music. He is also an ally and activist supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. On his website Rhythmbridge Paul states,

“My life has been enriched by my encounters with BIPOC and by the cultural connections, learning and inspiration they have afforded me. I recognise the privilege with which I walk through this world and I will always stand against Racism.” Paul is from the United Kingdom and the spelling may be a little different to those accustomed to American English, but the sentiment is and was heartfelt.

Paul also connects people through his photography and poetry. Visiting Paul’s site, provides a closer look into the beauty of his thoughts and spirit.

During this Episode, Paul shared his original music produced in Scotland and also the poem, Community, from Starhawk, which he considers his go-to poem.

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