Horseshoes and Weddings

The association of horseshoes and good luck is as old as the hills: in many cultures, hanging a horseshoe over a door was thought to bring good luck to the occupants.

That tradition crept into weddings, too, and the story goes that brides would carry a horseshoe on their wedding day to bring good luck to the occasion and, by extension, the rest of the marriage.

But, obviously, carrying around a lump of agricultural iron isn’t exactly convenient.

Nowadays, brides in Celtic nations carry around small symbols of the horseshoe, made of silver, or porcelain, tucked away in the bouquet or carried alongside it instead of lugging around a hefty lump of metal.

Or perhaps you hire a drum ‘Circle’ facilitator to run a drum ‘Horseshoe’ at your wedding.

See for yourselves how that works.