Expressive Rhythm Stories are a fantastic way to engage children and adults in rhythm making and Paul has used this format successfully over the years with Nursery, Reception and Year One school children and parents and with special needs groups.( Read Early Years, P1 and P2 for Scotland)

Using stories as the basis for the session engages the group in a process, a journey, which in itself contains elements of musicality …somehow because the focus is not entirely music based, the music part becomes just that…a part.

That part then becomes an expression within a story rather than a piece of music in itself…somehow this seems to create permission to engage more fully.

Using both verbal and non verbal forms of communication, Paul engages the group and encourages them to become expressive. Stories give us the freedom to become characters and to explore our creativity openly and in a fun way.

Here’s what our latest project thought of the Expressive Rhythm Stories.

Sandal Primary School’s Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s sessions. Singing, dancing and playing the African drums, the children wholeheartedly joined in with Paul’s highly interactive Expressive Rhythm Stories from around the world.

In the last of six sessions, parents and carers were invited to join in with the fun. Paul amazingly captivated the children’s attention for a whole hour each session.

The children engaged with the rhythms and the stories, showing high levels of fascination throughout.

Rhythmbridge is brilliant for developing young children’s early listening, speaking, social, reading, musical and drama skills; an all encompassing effective learning experience for all.

A really big thanks for all your work with us. The children absolutely loved it and asked if they’d be drumming again for several weeks afterwards.

Michelle Tate, Head of Early Years Unit

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Paul has also developed a 2 day Expressive Rhythm Story Training program for Teachers.

This can also be delivered as an INSET training over 2 separate dates.