Expressive Rhythm Stories

What is the Expressive Rhythm Stories Training?

Developed originally for early years and special needs primary school teachers the training is now attended by other professions including music specialists, community workers and members of the voluntary sector. This training will provide you with the confidence and skill set to deliver an exciting and engaging Expressive Rhythm Story as a one off lessons or as part of a longer project.

Paul has been working with school children for 20 years and has used this experience to create a fun and engaging training for you.

What does the Training cover?                                                                 

Expressive: Connect to self, emotions, values, experience, story of me.

Rhythm: Beat and rhythm, ploy-rhythmic structures, notation, pacing and leading, language of the drum, movement and voice work.

Stories: Visualisation, map vs territory, voice work, body language, character development, rhythm story narration.

Attendees from Kuala Lumpur Training


Paul was great! I enjoyed and learned a lot from him that is truly useful. Will definitely use the framework of the story to enhance my work with the kids. Overall the workshop was awesome, connected with great people here. Looking forward for future workshop. Haidah (Singapore)

Paul gave more than expected. We conduct Expressive Rhythm Stories at PIPI centre once a week. Autistic children with sensory issues are more responsive and enjoy the stories with rhythm. Expressive Rhythm Stories is a fantastic approach to engage with the children and teach a form of expressive language using both left and right learning method whilst building self- confidence. Rachel Clare (Malaysia)

For more information on Inset training for schools or for a discussion about hosting a workshop please do not hesitate to contact us here