ERS Training

For the first time since its inception in 2014 and after multiple International Training Programs, Expressive Rhythm Stories comes to the UK. The training will take place over 2 days at Wiston Lodge on April 16th & 17th 2022

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Paul delivers an ERS with children and families

What is ERS?

Developed initially for early years primary school teachers this two day training is now open to music specialists and practitioners in all educational and community work settings. This training will provide you with the confidence and skill set to deliver an exciting and engaging Expressive Rhythm Story as a one off lesson or as part of a longer project.

Paul has been working with school children for 20 years and has used this experience to create a fun and engaging training for you.

What does the Training cover?                                                                 

Expressive: Connect to self, emotions, values, experience, the story of me.

Rhythm: Beat and rhythm, poly-rhythmic structures, notation, pacing and leading, language of the drum, movement and voice work.

Stories: Visualisation, map vs territory, voice work, body language, character development, rhythm story narration.

Attendees from Kuala Lumpur Training


Paul was great! I enjoyed and learned a lot from him that is truly useful. Will definitely use the framework of the story to enhance my work with the kids. Overall the workshop was awesome, connected with great people here. Looking forward for future workshop. Haidah (Singapore)

Paul gave more than expected. We conduct Expressive Rhythm Stories at PIPI centre once a week. Autistic children with sensory issues are more responsive and enjoy the stories with rhythm. Expressive Rhythm Stories is a fantastic approach to engage with the children and teach a form of expressive language using both left and right learning method whilst building self- confidence. Rachel Clare (Malaysia)

Paul John Dear
Paul John Dear

Paul John Dear is an enigmatic, skilled and inspiring music workshop leader and educator. He is the founder and driving force behind Rhythmbridge a conduit to bring people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life together through rhythm. An accomplished drummer, drum teacher and educational specialist with over 25 years of experience, he has facilitated programs throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. He has performed in numerous ensembles including Beyondrum, Maghribibeat and Pepper Jam, to name a few. His rhythm journey began early in life and over the years Paul has studied with teachers from Senegal, Morocco, Guinea, Brazil, Ghana, India and Ireland.

In Hawaii in 2001, Paul’s journey towards understanding the facilitation of the human spirit took a giant leap when he trained with Arthur Hull. He subsequently became a mentor, attained Village Music Circles® Certification and is now a member of the VMC Global training team where he, along with Dr Jane Bentley run the UK Playshop, a drum circle facilitator training for the UK and Ireland.

Paul’s workshops feature brain-based drumming activities that engage and invigorate groups while stimulating key mind-body connection. Drumming has been shown to strengthen communication skills, improve motor coordination, and promote a sense of presence and empowerment. He is the sole creator of “Expressive Rhythm Stories,” which teaches children and adults how to weave drumming with story, voice and song.


  • £200 Early Bird (7 available) payable by Jan 10th 2022
  • £250 Full Price (13 available) payable by Mar 10th 2022