Dots and Clicks and Scribbles

I spent the best part of 4 hours in Edinburgh last night. I landed there at about 6pm after finishing my day job at Wiston Lodge and found myself a great spot for a bite. If you like a curry then look no further than the Kebab Mahal.

Sated I made my way to the venue thinking I’d be early at 7.10 for a 7.30 start, only to land in a room that was almost full. Fortunately I got a spot and sat down to take part in a workshop led by renowned community musician Phil Mullen

I had heard of Phil but never participated in a training or session so did not really have any expectations. I had some fears though. As a drummer I was concerned we might get into musicality at a level that was beyond me: Scales, pitch, chords, notation…all that. To my early delight our first exercise was vocal but not concerned with pitch. It was all about the ‘Click’ and was derived from Phil’s work with John Stevens. I don’t want to give away the methodology so all I will say is that it worked for me. So from Click we moved to Dot, which was a bit like Click but from a different perspective and once we had ‘Clicked’ and ‘Dotted’ awhile we began to ‘Scribble.’ I was having lots of fun and got to be part of a scribbling trio which was a very deep and quite powerful piece.

Phil delivered the workshop with a kind of flamboyant nonchalance which only the very experienced and knowledgeable can pull off. A Master at work perhaps? I warmed to him as the session went on and I was prompted to write down a number of threads during the evening to follow up on, which I did today.

Take a look at the work of John Stevens.

Go read about the Self Determination Theory of Messrs Deci and Ryan.

Have a wander through the world of Facilitraining Rainbows (Yes that’s exactly what I thought) via the Facilitator’s Pocketbook by John Townsend.

The ‘doing part’ of the workshop then turned into the ‘talking about’ part and having now read the Facilitator’s Pocketbook, I can see how the whole evening unfolded in a different light and how the discussion was prompted and facilitated by Phil. Again he did a great job including a segue-way allowing a whole bunch of folk to leave. The discussion was interesting and at times challenging. Lots of opinions from lots of perspectives makes for emotive content. I preferred the doing part if I am honest. My mouth and brain don’t always work together so well in discussion groups.

Now you may still be wondering about all this ‘Click, Dot and Scribble’ stuff so I’ll put your minds at ease and share with you the deeply guarded mystery.

It’s actually the language of a secret society!!

There I said it. The Cult of Community Music is upon us folks. Watch out. Before you know it you’ll be sitting in a meeting room clicking and dotting and scribbling with the best of them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s contagious. You might be next.

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