Community Drum Circle: Dec 15th 2013

What a wonderfully vibrant drum circle this was. My last here before I re-locate permanently to Wiston Lodge in South Lanarkshire, Scoltand.

Great turnout and lots of familiar faces and some amazing music created.

I love how community can come together and do this.


We sang a tribute to Mandela which was improvised around some Shona Funeral Song words ( although he is not Shona it still felt appropriate) and a melody that apperared as if from nowhere. Ancestors anyone?

Filo Ianni and Ian Addsion who will make up two thirds of the facilitation triumverate that will continue the work here, both did amazing pieces of facilitation.

Thank You Thank You Thank You to all the folk I have met and drummed with over the years in Hebden Bridge.I have been truly blessed on this rhythmical journey so far.

Long may it continue.


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