My life has been enriched by my encounters with BIPOC and by the cultural connections, learning and inspiration they have afforded me.

I recognise the privilege with which I walk through this world and I will always stand against Racism.

To that end I commit to always putting something back into the cultures from which I myself have gained so much.

Thus far I have:

  • Created Festivals of Music to offer well paid workshop and performance opportunities for BIPOC Artists.
  • Provided opportunity for said Artists to bring their work into UK Schools.
  • Built a West African retreat centre for people wishing to study in the Casamance region.
  • Donated and raised funds and awareness for numerous projects.

Below you will find links to organisation where you too can offer your support, to information/reading materials for your education and to music/education projects.

Black Lives Matter

Abolition of Slavery Project

MPD 150

Black Visions Collective


Anti Racism Resources

Practical Things You Can Do to Fight Racism in the UK

How to be an anti-racist

My Grandmothers Hands