About Paul John Dear

Paul John Dear, founder of Rhythmbridge

The Rhythmbridge is a place where you can meet yourself and meet others. In a new place in time and space. Here you can connect in a deep and profound way through the medium of Rhythm. Paul will facilitate this process for you in his own inimitable style which is friendly, warm and above all safe.

Paul John Dear is an enigmatic, skilled and inspiring music workshop leader and educator. He is the founder and driving force behind Rhythmbridge a conduit to bring people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life together through rhythm. An accomplished drummer, drum teacher and educational specialist with over 20 years of experience, he has facilitated programs throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. He has performed in numerous ensembles including Beyondrum, Maghribibeat and Pepper Jam, to name a few. His rhythm journey began early in life and over the years Paul has studied with teachers from Senegal, Morocco, Guinea, Brazil, Ghana, India and Ireland.

In Hawaii in 2001, Paul’s journey towards understanding the facilitation of the human spirit took a giant leap when he trained with Village Music Circles® founder, Arthur Hull.  He subsequently became a mentor, attained Village Music Circles® Certification and is now a member of the VMC Global training team where he, along with Dr Jane Bentley directs the UK Playshop, a drum circle facilitator training for the UK and Ireland. He is also a certified Music Medicine Trainer having completed his apprenticeship with Christine Stevens. Music Medicine is a therapeutic practice created to uplift humanity and orchestrate change in the world by facilitating drum circles, music circles and music ceremonies for healing and wellness for mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Paul’s workshops feature brain-based drumming activities that engage and invigorate groups while stimulating key mind-body connection. Drumming has been shown to strengthen communication skills, improve motor coordination, and promote a sense of presence and empowerment. He is the sole creator of “Expressive Rhythm Stories,” which teaches children and adults how to weave drumming with story, voice and song. When not teaching in the UK Paul can be found traveling the globe teaching and taking photographs.