3 days or 6 (10 if you Mentor)

After having just completed a wonderfully vibrant and connected UK Playshop I must begin thinking about the planning for next year.

The options are for:

  1. Basic Facilitators’ Training

    Basic Facilitation Skills

    Drum Call • Stop Cuts • Sculpting

    A weekend packed with information and hands-on facilitation experiences. Designed to give participants the confidence, tools and inspiration necessary to facilitate a rhythm-based event and build their own rhythm community.

  2. Week-Long Intensive Facilitators’ Training

    Basic & Intermediate Rhythm Facilitation Skills

    Techniques • Technologies • Philosophies

    Held annually at Wiston in 2013 and twice prior this week-long training provides extensive practical experience in a safe environment to facilitators of all levels with peer, mentor & advanced facilitator support.

Both would most likely include

The Facilitators’ Challenge

Intermediate & Advanced Rhythm Facilitation Skills

Advanced Techniques • Philosophies • Leadership

The Facilitators’ Challenge is designed for VMC graduates who are actively using VMC’s technologies in their programs. Facilitators will be challenged and tasked with a variety of experiences designed to enhance and further deepen their skills. They are given special attention and instruction at their own level of development. The Facilitators’ Challenge provides extended opportunity for practice and exploration of personal style and technique.


If we run the week long program then it would be preceded by

The Mentors’ Experience

Advanced Leadership Training

Leadership • Advanced Facilitation • Community Mentoring

A 10-day leadership training for community facilitators ready to mentor others through rhythm facilitation and community-building processes. Learn advanced community-building techniques and group process skills while leading and mentoring Week-long participants through basic facilitation processes.

So I am curious.

If you were thinking of coming to the wonderful Wiston Lodge to train what would you plump for.

Vote below.

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