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Drumming 4 Schools
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Rhythms of the World
VMC Global/UK Playshop
VMC Global/UK Playshop
Who is Paul John Dear
Who is Paul John Dear

Drumming 4 Schools

Paul has developed a comprehensive Primary School curriculum of Rhythm, which can be condensed into a one day high energy workshop or delivered over a 6 week project, The foundation is an Expressive Rhythm Story....
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ROTW Workshops

          This is primarily a hand drumming class, although we will usually do some stick/hand work and singing too. We will look at hand techniques for the drums ( I use...
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UK Playshop Training

UK Playshop is the sole provider for VMC Drum Circle Facilitation Training in the UK and Ireland. Trainers for 2022 program: Paul John Dear and Dr Jane Bentley We plan to host two weekend trainings...
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Drum Trek was a charitable event completed on 26 consecutive days during July 2015 where I facilitated 32 drum circles and traveled from John O Groats to Lands End in the process, covering 3500 miles....
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Generally these speak for themselves.

Paul  reeks of integrity, spirit, and the passion to share his bliss while serving his community in every rhythmical way possible. He has supported me in my Drum Circle facilitator training’s for years all throughout the UK and has moved from being my student to my mentor and he is now my counsellor, friend and peer.

I would like to be like him someday, if I ever grow up.

Arthur Hull. Village Music Circles Founder and Head Elf.

This project was an incredible opportunity for the children in P4. I felt it was a good age to target and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions each week. It was even described as the “highlight of the week!”. Paul was excellent with the pupils and pupils were fully engaged with the learning at all times. I picked up a few teaching tips myself which was great Professional Learning for me also. I have a lot of boys in my class and to have a drummer come in each week was brilliant for them and they thought he was brilliant. Pupils were even able to use the skills learned in sessions with Paul at the school Christmas Show so pupils had the experience of transferring skills. I really hope Paul will be able to come back next year and do the same with Primary 4’s. A fantastic experience all round. Thank you

Dora Scot. Teacher Elmvale Primary

My first encounter with Paul was in 2004 and recognised immediately an outstanding rhythm event facilitator, he is enthusiastic and has the most generous spirit, he gives 100% commitment to an event and will energise the spirit of everyone who attends. The art and skill of every good facilitator is to enable a group to attain community and share their collective spirit, Paul Dear can do that and much more.

Steve Ball. Facilitator.

The pupils gained so much from the project in terms of musical development but also spiritual, cultural and social education. Watching the performance was an experience which demonstrated clearly what real education is all about: enjoyment and achievement for all. It was simply outstanding.

Andy Taylor. Head Teacher, Cliffe Hill Primary, West Yorkshire.

Paul is simply one of the best rhythm facilitators I know – whether that’s traditional, or improvisational. He has a keen sense of a group and its potential, and can help them reach it to the highest of their abilities.

Dr Jane Bentley. Facilitator and VMC Global Trainer.

Rhythmbridge is brilliant for developing young children’s early listening, speaking, social, reading, musical and drama skills; an all encompassing effective learning experience for all. A really big thanks for all your work with us. The children absolutely loved it and asked if they’d be drumming again for several weeks afterwards.

Michelle Tate. Head of Early Years Unit, Heptonstall Primary.

Paul is a very skilled facilitator, amazing drummer and a fun cool guy. I’d highly recommend working with him if you get the chance at all.

Sheila Fox. Mrs.Ukelele

To stand in the middle of a circle and say “Look at me, then do what I tell you to do” could invoke the response of “Who do you think you are? Stop showing off you ego-maniac!”.Yet no-one even thinks of saying this to Paul Dear. Why? Because you know that when he’s there centre stage he has only your well-being in mind. Your development, your enjoyment and, on a good day, your transformation.Yes, he’s having a good time and it shows, but only because he’s fulfilling his dream of bringing people together in rhythm. An expert, disciplined musician who hides it all in devotion to humorously creating community. Entertainer and Elder, a holy man who can connect the whole circle without missing a beat or an opportunity to serve.There are very few people walking on this planet with the quiet magnitude of Paul Dear, I count myself lucky that I’ve danced with him in that circle and learned from his mastery.

Tom Morley. Rockstar Activator.

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