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Horseshoes and Weddings

The association of horseshoes and good luck is as old as the hills: in many cultures, hanging a horseshoe over a door was thought to bring good luck to the occupants. That tradition crept into weddings, too, and the story goes that brides would carry a horseshoe on their wedding day to bring good luck […]

The Joy in Play

It really isn’t work. It’s play. Drumming. It can be serious. Very much so, but it is essentially playing. We play music…and sometimes it plays us. Since my return from Malaysia I have been playing weekly with my Glasgow group, working with pre-school children, sitting in on a wonderful traditional style Ceilidh, with songs, stories […]

Help ReForestNation and you will ‘Go to the Ball’

December 2, 2014
Community, Gigs

Well not the ball exactly but the concert Tinto Africa or the weekend residential drum workshop ‘Rhythms of the World’ How does it work? Pretty simple. You visit ReForestNation at their crowd-funding page and view the select a perk panel on the right side of the site. Scroll down and  you will find (shortly) options […]

December Community Drum Circle, Hebden bridge

November 9, 2013
Community, Rhythmbridge Blogger

Our regular monthly get together at Salem Mill in Hebden Bridge. Drums and Percussion provided and Paul Dear will be your facilitator. We start at 11.00am and we are packed up by 1.00pm Family friendly event. Let’s see out 2013 with a Bang. Share the post “December Community Drum Circle, Hebden bridge” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail

September Community Drum Circle for Hebden Bridge

July 26, 2013

Our regular community drum get together is back again at Salem Mill ( next door to the co-op) in Hebden Bridge on September 8th 2013. Starting time is 1100 and we are packed up and done by 1300. Facilitator Filomena Ianni will be your host for the session. Everyone is welcome and drums and percussion […]