Paul John Dear, Musical Director of Rhythmbridge, has been delivering inspirational workshops to schools since 1999. He is a vastly experienced facilitator and educator and you will be guaranteed a sensational day in school when he visits. Fun and learning for ALL, guaranteed.


Drumming is Joy

The pupils gained so much from the project in terms of musical development but also spiritual, cultural and social education. Watching the performance was an experience which demonstrated clearly what real education is all about: enjoyment and achievement for all. It was simply outstanding.

Andy Taylor, Head, Cliffe Hill

 We can offer workshops focusing on:
 Expressive Rhythm Stories, Poly-rhythmic Connection, Facilitated Drum Circles and improvisation, African drum, dance and song and also Junk  Percussion. We will tailor the workshops to suit your personal  needs.
 Full Day workshop with Paul £350
 Half Day workshop with Paul £200

Projects are regularly undertaken and we can design and deliver a variety of programs for you. Cost per day for projects will be less than the quoted rates above.

Travel costs may be added for schools 100 miles or more outside our geographical  base in South Lanarkshire.

In my experience, drumming, dancing and singing are the most accessible musical forms and very often the most enjoyable. My intention is to create an environment in which music is easy and fun to make and from which there is an immediate and lasting educational and cultural value for all pupils. It’s not really WORK, it’s PLAY and a wise man once said, “You may learn more of a man in an hour of play than in a whole year of speech”

Paul John Dear


  • Suitable for students from Early Years to A level
  • Formats designed to meet your needs
  • National Curriculum guidelines met
  • Cross curricular links to PSHE, Citizenship and Art
  • Increase in awareness and understanding of other cultures and traditions
  • Improve teamwork through co-operation
  • Develop listening skills and confidence