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About Paul John Dear

Paul John Dear is the founder and driving force behind Rhythmbridge. He is;


  • An educational specialist with many years experience in schools across the UK




  • A very accomplished drummer and drum teacher with over 20 years experience.


  • A skilled and inspiring workshop leader



Paul has studied with teachers from Senegal, Morocco, Guinea, Brazil, Ghana and Ireland. He is an accomplished player and teacher with 20 years of experience. Paul has performed over the years with Beyondrum, Maghribibeat, Pepper Jam and in numerous community ensembles.

He is also a very experience VMC drum circle Facilitator and Trainer having first trained with Arthur Hull in Hawaii in 1999/2000.

Paul has been program director for UK Playshop since 2007 and will from *November 2017, along with Dr Jane Bentley, become the sole certified VMC Trainers for the UK and Ireland.